Top 4 Poker Tips for Beginners

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A top 4 list is an absolute blast! They’re fun to read, they’re fun to make, and even more fun if you know the subject matter. For this poker article, I’ve decided to lend a helping hand to anyone who has decided on playing poker online.

Let’s be honest; there are millions of beginners out there who want to make money playing poker but aren’t sure where to start. That’s why I have scoured the internet for the best tips from experts and compiled them into one easy-to-read guide so you can get started fast. We’ll take a look at what you should do before moving forward with online gambling. If you want a solid foundation in order to succeed as soon as possible, then you won’t want to stop reading here. Let’s start with…

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A Top 4 List of Tips for Newbies:

  1. Constantly Steer Clear of Betting Excessively- Don’t make the mistake of charging in headfirst and betting your entire bankroll on one hand. It may seem like a good idea at the time but it’s far from it. Always play smart and avoid investing everything you own into individual hands; that way, if you do go broke, then only your money is lost instead of an entire savings account or college fund! Remember, there will always be more games available so don’t get too bummed out if you lose big at first- this goes for both pkv poker online, craps, and blackjack (more advice on the latter below). One of the worst feelings in existence is thinking you’re going to make a boatload of cash, only to lose it all and be right back at square one; we’ve all been there- don’t let it happen again.
  2. Watch Poker for Free Online – There are tons of free poker videos on YouTube that you can watch before playing poker online. This will get your brain acclimated with hand values and how high/low games work without putting money on the line; this will ultimately reduce the number of costly mistakes you make and save you some dough in the process! I consider it mandatory viewing for anyone new to gambling: some great poker training videos. You can also watch free online professional poker videos here on our website; I’ve posted some great instructional clips for beginners.
  3. Choose the Right Game- Do you want to stick to the limit or go with no limit? Sit n’ Gos are a good idea, but 8-player ring games are where it’s at. What do you want to play? Hold’em, Omaha, or Stud? All of them have their pros and cons so decide which one is best for you! Heads up, 5 card draw or 7 card stud- all solid options depending on your moods. If you’re looking for something more competitive then definitely try mixing things up every now and again by changing your game type. It will keep things fresh and fun, plus it will prevent your brain from getting burned out.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Table Hop- If you’re playing poker online and don’t like the table, then go find another one! There are tons of them ready and waiting so there’s no reason for you to stick around if you don’t want to; more games mean more opportunity for profit! This is why I recommend downloading Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker since they allow you to play on multiple tables at once (this is called “multi-tabling”) which gives you an unparalleled level of flexibility compared to other sites that only allow single tabling (one game at a time).

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